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Bordeaux 2018 Symposium on Foldamers

Not to be missed! IECB will host the Bordeaux 2018 Symposium on Foldamers on September 24-26, 2018. Registration and Abstract submission Deadline June 15, 2018 !


Relationship between the agonist activity of synthetic ligands of TRAIL-R2 and their cell surface binding modes. Chekkat N, Lombardo CM, Seguin C, Lechner MC, Dufour F, Nominé Y, De Giorgi M, Frisch B, Micheau O, Guichard G, Altschuh D, Fournel … Continue reading


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Spotlight on our JACS Publication

Our latest publication on « Metal-Free Catalysts: Peptide-Inspired Foldamers for Chiral H-Bond Donation » has been highlighted by the Editors of JACS.

Congratulations to Léonie!

Léonie has been awarded the Oral Communication prize at the Journée Grand Sud-Ouest 2017 from the French Chemical Society (SCF) held in Toulouse, France.