We are a research group dedicated to peptidomimetic chemistry

Welcome to the

Guichard Lab

Based in Bordeaux, our group’s research focuses on the biomimetic chemistry of peptides and proteins.


We are interested in designing and elaborating systems with protein like structure and functions and to investigate and develop their biological and biomedical applications.


Although centered on chemical synthesis, our research program is based on a multidisciplinary approach involving spectroscopic studies, crystallographic analyses, combinatorial techniques, binding studies.

Our latest


  • Last week, Morgane took part in “Les Echappées Inattendues”. On the program, two chemistry workshops on chirality and on the periodic table of the elements in a Goose Game version....

  • “In some cases, racemic crystallization leading to centrosymmetric space groups proved decisive in overcoming the difficulties associated with phasing.” This and more about the story behind the front cover can be found in the article !...

  • Thanks to Amélie Compain for this original artwork to illustrate our work on an Effective Route to 5,5,5,5’,5’,5’-Hexafluoroleucine....

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