We are a research group dedicated to peptidomimetic chemistry

Welcome to the

Guichard Lab

Based in Bordeaux, our group’s research focuses on the biomimetic chemistry of peptides and proteins.


We are interested in designing and elaborating systems with protein like structure and functions and to investigate and develop their biological and biomedical applications.


Although centered on chemical synthesis, our research program is based on a multidisciplinary approach involving spectroscopic studies, crystallographic analyses, combinatorial techniques, binding studies.

Our latest


  • See our last paper in Science Advances showing how a foldamer backbone can adapt to recognize a specific protein surface....

  • Oligourea foldamers mimic peptides’ alpha-helices and effectively bind to drug targets. Our latest publication on « Structure-guided design of peptide-oligourea hybrids as inhibitors of protein-protein interactions and structural insights into protein surface recognition by oligourea foldamers» has been highlighted by the Editors of ACIE as......

  • 28th YRFM Flash Poster Communications. Clément has been awarded 2nd prize “Biotechnofix”  ...

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